Sometimes it could be confusing when you’re trying to learn about when to begin screening your child for signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Most parents don’t notice the signs of this condition in their child until their child begins attending school, but did you know that children as young as toddler age can be screened for ADHD?

You might be thinking, “What signs should I look for? They are all young children are active.” Children with ADHD might cut in line, stay so active that they don’t take naps, or even talk excessively. They may also refuse to sit still even at a meal. How often and how long these children are immensely active is the main indicator of whether or not they may have ADHD.

Even though most toddlers and preschoolers are active, every young child needs to rest from time to time. It is said in children who might have this condition, excessive hyperactivity and inattentiveness occur on regular basis, often multiple times a day. A child must be screened by a pediatrician in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis. When ADHD is treated early on, your child is less likely to experience chronic frustration at school and at home.